On the radio – WZID!!!

Today was an exciting day for The Sugar Mommy.  I was invited to be interviewed on the best family-friendly morning radio show in New Hampshire!  I chatted with Mike, Tracy, and Suzanne on WZID 95.7 today, and it was great!  The Sugar Mommy is hyping spring baskets, graduation platters, corporate gifts, and good old-fashioned indulgences for any day of the week.

Getting to the show was the hard part.  It’s school vacation here in southern New Hampshire, so I had to bring my children at 7 am to the radio station.  Thankfully, daytime DJ Heather Bishop awaited to help watch the kids while I was on air.  It all happened really quickly, so the nerves I had on the way to the station didn’t really have time to do any damage during the interview.

I hope the people of New Hampshire and beyond learned about my business and the nation-wide services I provide.  If you have a graduation approaching or a sick loved one or a child away at school, let The Sugar Mommy show them how much you care.  Head to www.thesugarmommy.com and check out the pictures and the menu.  Let’s create your customized order today!

The Sugar Mommy has arrived in stores!

It’s been an exciting journey since the NH Chronicle segment aired on television on March 25th! After lots of meetings and tons of samples, The Sugar Mommy products are now being sold in select stores in southern New Hampshire:

  • Harvest Market in Bedford
  • Bull Run in Bedford
  • Free Range Fish & Lobster in Manchester
  • Currier Museum Cafe in Manchester
  • Angela’s Pasta & Cheese Shop in Manchester
  • Lull Farm in Hollis

Hopefully more stores will find out about the fabulous cookies, breads, and chocolates. If you have a suggestion of a store in your area, please let me (and the store) know!

Watch The Sugar Mommy on tv!

New Hampshire’s WMUR sent anchor Tiffany Eddy to my kitchen to interview me and make cookies with me.  The segment is now available for viewing online!  Tell your friends and neighbors and everyone you know.

If you live in southern New Hampshire, you can now shop for cookies at Harvest Market in Bedford and Free Range fish market in Manchester.  Soon there will be plenty of product in Bull Run in Bedford, too.  I’m working on meeting with other local gourmet shops, so hopefully this list will be growing.

If you live outside southern New Hampshire but still want The Sugar Mommy’s award-winning cookies and other yummy treats, then check out the website (plenty of pictures and a full menu) and place your order today!

Trying New Things

Personally, if a cookie isn’t loaded with chocolate, I’m usually not interested in eating it…which is why I’m better off making sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, and snickerdoodles, like those in the picture.  While my husband is one of the biggest fans of my loaded chocolate chip cookies, he also occasionally likes a simple snickerdoodle for a treat.  I’m often not interested in making such no-frills cookies but decided to give it a whirl.

With my daughter by my side to help, we got started with our morning task.  She helped me gather the ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, eggs, etc…”but what about the chocolate chips?”, she asked. Like mother, like daughter.  She took on her sous chef role, and we stirred the thick batter, rolled it into balls, and then covered the balls of dough in delicious cinnamon sugar.  As they baked, they developed beautiful cracks and color.  They are actually quite lovely, and they make the kitchen smell divine.

Now, I just have to remember that because they don’t have chocolate doesn’t mean they aren’t loaded with other richness.  A snickerdoodle is still a cookie even if it lacks chocolate chips

The Evolution of the Cookie

Starting with a big lump of dough, I place free-form dollops on the parchment-lined cookie sheet. After a golden edge forms, they are ready. They rest on a cooling rack until ready to package. Then, beautiful stacks of loaded chocolate chip cookies to share with friends and neighbors!


New Pictures – Yum!

I’ve been researching other food blogs and websites and it appears that my photographs have been less than satisfactory.  I know photography has never been my strong suit; I took a class in tenth grade but never got the basics of light and style down.  So, now that my food needs to be photographed to appeal to customers (like you), I am trying to improve.  Personally, although perhaps I’m a bit biased, I think I’ve achieved some measure of success.  This picture of three loaded chocolate chip cookies makes me want to lick my computer screen.  How about you?

Let’s Go Retail!

Until now, I’ve operated my business as almost-entirely custom orders.  I had a brief stint in one store last summer, and now I’m considering it again.  I love supplying customers with cookies and chocolates that are exactly what they want, but I also want to provide my goodies to more people.  I love meeting my fans at expos, but when they ask me where they can buy my items, it saddens me to say that no store currently carries The Sugar Mommy’s sweets.

So, friends and supporters, I need your help.  I need you to reach out to your local NH gourmet and grocery stores and plead with them to get The Sugar Mommy’s delicious chocolates and award-winning cookies in their stores.  I am excited about this next step for my business and I think you will be, too.  Hopefully soon you will be able to grab a loaded chocolate chip cookie whenever the craving hits you.  And when you are running out to visit a friend or thank a teacher for staying late to help your child, wouldn’t it be great to stop into your nearby meat market to pick up a sleeve of cookies or a bag of peanut butter cups.

Let’s make it happen together!

It’s 2011! Woo hoo!

Well, the holidays are over…we all survived.

Hopefully, you are kicking yourselves for not ordering platters, favors, baskets, and corporate gifts from The Sugar Mommy and now know that you better do so in the future to ensure happy gift recipients.

The Sugar Mommy had a busy season, but is now ready to tackle the new year (and thrilled that Patriots are in the play-offs).

So, if you’re planning to host football parties, Grammy parties, Oscar parties, as well as buy Valentine’s goodies, place your orders now.  The Sugar Mommy has plenty to make your gathering festive and delicious!

Thanksgiving is around the corner

While I’m busy preparing my Thanksgiving shopping list and gathering coupons, I’m also ready to take your Thanksgiving orders.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner and need some extra sweet treats or favors for your guests? Are you headed to someone else’s house and need something special to bring as a hostess gift?

Let The Sugar Mommy make this holiday even more special!! The Sugar Mommy’s custom cookies and chocolates are the perfect crowning touch for a special family day: football-shaped chocolates, loaded chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread.